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Here are some of the real project and cases we’ve experienced. The projects are buildings which are made from the bricks - the cases. The cases could be routine but the projects. However, they have a lot of common. We think you could find them among your tasks.

The Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property Portfolio

Software and Database registration


1. Website documentation

The task. Legal documents standardization for four online services of the holding company: professional community, the freelance marketplace, recruitment, and knowledgebase. Monetization strategy: media advertising, additional functionality subscription.
The solution. We’ve made up the set of documents for online-services. The documents inside the packet are vertically structured starting with the common User Agreement finishing the private Service policy for particular websites. For paid services online orders we’ve made separate Advertising services rules and Informational services rules for different monetization ways. We implement the remote entry into agreements via the electronic invoicing and payment under the Rules. Also, we’ve drawn up the advertising and information service agreements templates as hard copies to make the offline entry into agreement possible.
The result. Deals negotiation and maintenance time and required resources have significantly decreased.

2. Foreign software import

The task. The big foreign vendor standard contracts for software purchase, distribution, and support in Russia need to be localized to decrease tax risks for VAT-allowance and eliminate the double taxation.
The solution. The combined distribution agreement with license, technical support, and tuition provisions was split to the pure license agreement and software technical support agreement. EULA was localized in regards to the Russian legislation requirements. The agreements are filled with provisions to avoid double taxation and to fulfill the Russian banks' requirements to the foreign currency deals. The legal team of the foreign vendor has agreed with the documents, the legal translation has been made.
The result. The tax risks were minimized, the currency control procedure was streamlined.

3. Operation center abroad transfer

The task. Tax planning using foreign legislation.
The solution. We went in-depth of the tax scheme for intangible assets holding. The foreign holding was established. The Russian intangible assets were transferred under foreign legislation. We’ve made up the international agreements for software development and distribution.
The result. The entity to attract investments and direct foreign business activity was established. The tax expenses have decreased

4. The Russian software export

The task. Agreements negotiation with foreign partners and distributors.
The solution. Editing and negotiation of international agreements in regards to Russian tax and currency legislation. Legal translation.
The result. Tax, administrative, financial risks related to international agreement execution have decreased.

5. Tax allowance for IT-company

The task. Provide the tax allowance in regards to insurance contributions to wage fund for the IT-company.
The solution. We’ve developed the basis to get the tax allowances after separation the software development business. The IT-company have been accredited. We’ve made up the intercompany agreements to finance the software development company.
The result. The wage insurance rate has decreased from 30% to 14% legally.

6. Software intellectual property rights assignment

The task. Assign the software intellectual property rights to the employer.
The solution. We’ve made up the complex of internal documents from the Work for hire assignment agreement to non-disclosure duty. The personnel records are recovered. The employees have signed all the documents to assign the software intellectual property to the employer. Software registration has been executed.
The result. The company has confirmed its intellectual property right to the software and has accounted it as intangible asset.
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