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Agreement translation

Legal translation

There is plenty of companies in the market who offer agreement translation. However, you may want to order the legal professional translation of your agreement to avoid any omissions or mistakes.

We hope you’ll agree with us - the translator of legal international documents has to be proficient in legal terminology as well as in document subject. This applies both to Russian-English and English-Russian translations.

When clients ask us what is our advantage over other companies in the market we ask the simple question: “How many legal advisors do you know who is proficient in intellectual property rights and IT-legislation? How many such translators exist do you think?”

Only high skilled legal advisors with huge experience in international private law perform agreement translations in our company. We worked with international agreements of hundreds of foreign IT-companies which we could use as standard.

You could not underestimate the importance of agreement localization for the agreement English-Russian legal translation process because the right Russian legal terminology should be used. It allows incorporating the foreign agreement with Russian legislation. Otherwise, the Russian tax authorities could interpret the agreement in the wrong way and you will be involved in debates with them.

Usage of wrong terminology or inaccurate statement of the agreement’s provisions because of a misunderstanding of its legal constructions may cause significant civil and tax risks for the Russian party of the agreement.

On top of that if you’ll order the agreement translation from us you can save time and money on agreement localization or negotiation with your counterparty - our legal advisors have already dove into its provisions.

Technical translation

The situation is the same. To perform a good translation of IT documents the translator has to be experienced in this field. Ideally, to make the right technical translation the translator has to be proficient in the relevant technology.

This is why we hire outsource consultants to correct the translation before give it to our client.

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