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Software and database registration

How to get the state registration for software or database

Software and database registration – is legally set process aimed to prove the existence of particular software or database at a particular time in the particular form. The software or database registration certificate affirms the intellectual property rights assignment for this software to the applicant.

As a result, the legal owner doesn’t only protect his or her product. It’s way easier to communicate with counterparties if you have the certificate for your computer program. Furthermore, because the computer programs and databases are intellectual property objects their registration is necessary to proper accounting of the intangible assets under the Russian legislation.

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Software registration at the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property register

Software and database registration process under the Russian legislation

The applicant should file the application form, the computer program/database review and the printed materials which allow identifying such computer program/database.

The computer program/database registration application presents the information about its legal owner, its name, creation date and release date, authors (if they didn’t deny to be mentioned), components or software complexes which it is a part of.

The review has the common information about the computer program/database, including information about its functionality, environment, and hardware necessary to its use, as well information about the size of such computer program/database. The summary for the review is used to publish the information about the registered program into the Official Journal.

With the application, the applicant has to provide the CD-ROM with the program’s source code, its interfaces, and other graphic elements screenshots. In the case of database registration, its structure description should be put on the CD-ROM as well.

All the provided documents and materials will be verified for the presence and right form. The novelty, singularity, authorship genuineness, creation, and release dates and other information about the computer program or database are not verified.

The registration term under the Russian legislation is 3 months after application and all the documents are filed. However, in fact, it takes only 1 month now (from the application filing to the certificate issue). After the registration is done the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property puts the record into the register for computer programs or the register for databases. The information about registration, author (if any), functionality summary are the subject of Official Journal publication. The applicant gets the Certification for the state registration of the computer program or database.

The software intellectual property rights protection under the Russian legislation

As a result of such registration, the legal owner has the official proves of computer program or database intellectual property rights ownership. In case of any complaints about intellectual property rights violation, the legal owner has the right to request the official copies of the materials provided for registration for the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property to compare to fake computer program or database. Furthermore, it’s easier for the legal owner to prove the software ownership by the reference to labor relationships or contacts with particular authors mentioned in the application.

We work with the client around Russia. The IT-lex’s software registration service suite includes:

  • Consultation about the computer program registration process;
  • Computer program or database registration application form filling;
  • Communication with the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property within a registration process;
  • Getting the Certificate.
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