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End User License Agreement (EULA)

Protect your software from replication and other illegal usages in accordance with the Russian law. Limit your liability for the damaged caused by software usage. End user License Agreement as an accession agreement aimed to be added to the distributive, placement on the label or website. We will brush the draft up according to your requirements.

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Provided by experts
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EULA lacalized for Russian Users

1. By restrictions 2. By the agreement language
1. Full version, unlimited time 1. English text only
2. Full version, limited license period 2. Russian text only
3. Trial version, full functionality 3. English-Russian texst
4. Trial version, limited functionality
5. Trial version, limited time
3. By warranty scope / dislaimer
1. Full disclaimer
2. Technical documentation limited warranty
3. Limited time support warranty

Choose the solution for your company

What is includedRussianEnglishBilingual
Client survey
Client survey
EULA draft (in Russian)
EULA draft (in Russian)
EULA draft (in English)
EULA draft (in English)
Project correction after client’s follow up*
Project correction after client’s follow up*
* within 5 days after the project is delivered
**within 1 month after the project is delivered
Russian2 490 USDOrderEnglish2 990 USDOrderBilingual4 490 USDOrder
* within 5 days after the project is delivered
**within 1 month after the project is delivered

*EULA special aspects

The end user software license agreement (EULA) is the special license agreement type. The Russian legislation explicitly provides the accession entry model for it with the terms and conditions stipulated directly on the product or its label.

The user agrees with these terms and conditions by the first use of such software.

The main goals of the EULA are: (a) to set the allowed uses and (b) to limit the owner liability caused by the software usage by the end user. In fact, the user must agree with the terms and conditions otherwise he or she has to refuse such software usage according to the EULA requirements.

There is no other way to force the user to agree with the software usage terms and conditions. And this is why the EULA is included into the software distributive and the user cannot refuse it if he or she wants to install such software.

How it works

1. We evaluate the client's task
2. We issue the flat rate invoice
3. You pay invioce
4. We make the client survey
5. We come up with the project
and pass it for the client's approval
6. We negotiate with the client and brush the project up
7. We help you implement the result

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