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Software License Agreement for Russia

You could be imposed with Russian VAT-related tax sanctions because of the recharacterization of your license agreement into the software supply agreement. Protect your business from the Russian tax authorities’ claims. Over 108 alternatives to Software Supply Agreement are made in accordance with current Russian law and the best legal practices. We will brush them up according to your requirements.

Compliance solution advantage

Provided by experts
of Russian IT law
Affirmed by IT companies
in practice
Could be brushed up
for your own requirements
after-sales service

Choose a Software License Agreement for Russia

By agreement type By the scope of the rights
1. End user license agreement 1. For software replication and sale
2. End user sub-license agreement 2. Featuring the software sub-license right
3. Distributor/developer license agreement 3. For custom software development
By financial conditions By support conditions
1. Flat rate 1. With or without the software implementation
2. Flat periodic payment 2. With or without the software update
3. Percentage of sales income 3. With or without the technical support
4. Discounting the end user price

Choose the solution for your company

What is includedStartOptimumBusiness
Client questionnaire
Software License Agreement draft
Specification template
Act of acceptance template
Electronic data interchange agreement
Project correction after client’s follow up*
Negotiation of documents with another Party**
* within 5 days after the project is delivered
**within 1 month after the project is delivered
Start2 490 USDOrderOptimum3 490 USDOrderBusiness4 990 USDOrder

How it works

1. We evaluate the client's task
2. We issue the flat rate invoice
3. You pay invoice
4. We make the client questionnaire
5. We come up with the project
and pass it for the client's approval
6. We negotiate with the client and brush the project up
7. We help you implement the result

Our clients

Хабр LLC (Moscow, Russia)
DoubleGIS LLC (Novosibirsk, Russia)
RentSoft LLC (Moscow, Russia)

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