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Trademark registration

The registration of a trademark or brand is performed in a form of state registration of a trademark (service mark).

Before the application for trademark registration is filed the analysis of protection possibility and name verification based on the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property register for trademarks are performed. Learn more on the page Trademark verification.

Services for trademark registration include the following steps:
  1. consultation about trademark registration denial risk elimination;
  2. documents set preparation for a trademark registration based on recommendations;
  3. fee payment;
  4. communication with the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property within the trademark registration procedure;
  5. client informing about registration progress;
  6. getting the Certification for the registered trademark.
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Registration trademark in Russia and abroad

Trademark registration procedure

Within the consultation the client gets recommendations based on the trademark verification results related to goods/services list adjustments for its registration, making changes to the trademark to improve its distinctiveness, excluding unprotected elements and performing other activities which influence an expertise results.

The final goal of the trademark registration is promoting of the client’s goods or services on the market and preventing their confusing with competitors’ goods or services. This is why our specialists prepare the trademark registration application in regards to the specifics of the client’s activity he or she will use the trademark in.

Each step of the trademark registration process requires the fee payment as well as performing some particular activities.

If you want we can make the payments on your behalf but on your expenses or we can provide you with all the necessary details and comments to make the payments by yourself.

All the application documents are supposed to be sent to the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property by registered mail. Courier delivery is available for an additional charge. The priority date (the date of registered trademark protection start) is based on the date the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property receives the application.

After that, we monitor how the process goes and inform the client about all the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property activities within the set procedure.

The general trademark registration procedure consists of three steps:

1) Application registration and formal inspection related to check if the application, documents set, and materials match current requirements.

The formal inspection is performed within a month from the application receipt. If everything is made right the order of acceptance will be sent to the applicant with the notification of application receipt date and trademark priority date.

2) Name inspection aimed to validate its registration.

Usually, it takes 6-7 months.

Meanwhile, the experts can request the application clarifications or additional information. Such requests are supposed to be answered within 6 months.

Communication with experts is included in the basic cost of the trademark registration service but only in cases if there is no need to correct the application or to dispute legal protection of existing trademarks.

The inspection result is the decision about trademark registration possibility or trademark registration denial in full or in part (i.e. excluding of any of the goods or services from your list, legal protection denial for any part of the name).

In case the third parties’ confusingly similar trademarks are opposed to your trademark you can get consent for their usage or file a claim to the Chamber of Patent Disputes aimed to cancel such trademarks. Learn more about this service on the page Trademark disputing.

The trademark registration denial you also could dispute by file a claim to the Chamber of Patent Disputes with follow litigation of the Chamber’s order in case your claim is not satisfied. To learn more go to the page Disputing the trademark registration denial.

3) Trademark registration and Certification issue.

The certificate is supposed to be issued within 2 months after related fee payment is made and accepted. However, the certification issue could be delayed because of technical printing reason.
So the whole trademark registration process usually takes about 9 months.

The trademark effective term under the Russian legislation is 10 years from the priority date and could be extended multiple times by applying for it to the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property and making the related fee payment.

If you have any questions you can ask our specialists for additional comments. We take orders for trademark registration from our client in Novosibirsk and all over Russia.

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